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Our Capabilities

How Northpoint can help.

Residential / Aged Care / Commercial / Industrial / Joint Venture Developments

At Northpoint we appreciate the significant financial and reputational investment that goes into our Client’s projects.

However, while appreciating the big picture, our role is to also understand your project down to the granular detail, literally the nuts and bolts, and to mobilise our resources towards foreseeing challenges, addressing them in a timely manner, and to making the complex simple.

Certainly attention to detail is essential to success, and the ability to focus on detail derives from resourcing projects effectively with a great team, inspired leadership, and robust systems.


Our capabilities extend to Residential Apartments, Aged Care, Commercial and Industrial developments delivered via:-

  • Traditional Construct Only Contracts
  • Design and Construct Contracts
  • Design, Development & Construction
  • Joint Venture Deeds of Arrangement

Our reputation in all these forms of delivery is impeccable, having been the product of our significant expertise, combined with common sense, true passion, and our unique spirit of teamwork.


Our values and commitment to quality have, over the years, naturally drawn us closer to like-minded clients such that often we team up with them on joint venture opportunities.

Our good reputation has also brought us to the attention of respected institutions who have surplus land and a vision, who are actively seeking a trusted and capable delivery partner in a joint venture.

Essential in any joint venture that we may consider is firstly the alignment of values, and secondly, to structure the joint venture in such a way as to provide our partner with the maximum peace of mind and certainty possible.

From that platform, we are able to assist our partners in developing the optimum strategy to achieve both their vision and ours, and to deliver the project to the highest standard.

Joint Ventures require patience, time and broad development expertise which Northpoint possesses in abundance, and which is there for the benefit of our development partners.


Northpoint has, over the past twenty-four years, built sound relationships within the Sydney property market, and as such, we have access to significant development opportunities.

Armed with a brief, we can pursue off-market opportunities on your behalf, prepare feasibilities, carry out due diligence, and make recommendations.

Our success in the acquisition and consolidation of landmark development opportunities is well documented.

Once a site is secured, we draw on our experience to manage the whole design development process and assemble the best planning team possible for the particular opportunity.