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About us

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About Us

Northpoint Construction Group was established in 1995 with a simple vision: to produce buildings of exceptional quality and to do it with the utmost integrity. 

Certainly, in our 25 years of industry service, Northpoint has always remained true to its original vision.

While we are proud of our achievements and the wealth of experience we have gathered along the journey, our greatest achievement has been to mentor and bring together the capable team of passionate individuals that is the Northpoint family of today.


Northpoint conducts business with unwavering integrity, giving our valued Clients the assurance that we are always working in their best interests as an integral part of their delivery team.

It gives them the assurance of our full commitment to the job at hand, and to exploring every avenue for efficiency, quality, and innovation.

We know no other way.

“Patience, planning and precision are the stepping stones to perfection.” – Mario Khaicy


How is it possible to consistently deliver exceptional outcomes?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and always put quality ahead of quantity.

While Northpoint projects continue to grow in scale, some in excess of $50 million in value, nevertheless we maintain our commitment to quality outcomes by focussing our resources on no more than Four projects at any given time so that a director/shareholder is intimately involved in every project from inception to completion alongside a professional and experienced project team.

We call this “The Four Pillars Philosophy” and it is our proven strategy for keeping the process tight and ensuring the best outcomes in terms of site safety, quality control, cashflow management, and bottom line profitability.

Leadership Team

Whether you are seeking a construction service, design and construction, joint venture, or a total turn-key solution, Northpoint Construction Group has the experience, financial strength, skills, and focus that will enable us to exceed your highest expectations.